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Comes in handy size for easy grasp during cleaning
High quality 100% pure cotton
Extremely soft and gentle on skin
Absorbent and hygienic
Ideal for all baby care, skin care and family needs


Easy to control and operate with touch screen buttons Easy to use and maintain Bigger space inside to hold up to 14 wide neck bottles and accessories Capacity : 22 Litres Big screen with LED display Comes with security door switch which will stop all operations automatically when the door is opened during operation (for safety reason) BPA Free


10 packs, 10g per pack


Efficient mosquito larvae control


Long lasting effect


Easy storage


Abate Works Fast And Last Long


Keep you and your family safe by eliminating harmful germs & viruses in your personal environment - Effective Against: Coronaviruses, Influenza Viruses, HFMD Virus - Eliminates Viruses and 99.9% of Bacteria - Non-Alcohol - Longer Lasting Effect than Alcohol - Uses Proven Technology HOW TO USE 1) On surfaces: Spray directly on surfaces and let it sit for 30 seconds or spray on clean cloth then wipe the surface thoroughly 2) In air: Mist liberally across the room or in front of the air-cond outlet and leave to settle WHERE TO USE : Door handles, buttons/ switches, hand railing, shopping trolleys, packaged groceries, phones, public transport

  •  Convenient, affordable, easy to use
  • Won't change the flavor of your cigarette
  • Prevents staining - your smile stays whiter
  • he material of the product is non-toxic

DIBLANC Sweetheart Tintstick is a 3-in-1 tintstick with the moisture sensation of lip balm, colouration of tint and vivid colouring of lipstick. The color-adapting formula reacts to your lips’pH level and adjusts the shade accordingly which enables you to create your own colour code. Enriched with the blend of Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sunflower-Seed Oil and Shea Butter, leaving lips looking plumper, smoother and more luscious with a single swipe.


Dr Ed & Co ANTIBACTERIAL SANITIZER TRAVEL KIT Kill 99.9% bacteria Dr Ed & Co Hand Sanitizing Wipes (10s) Dr. Ed & Co Hand Sanitizer (50ml) Dr. Ed & Co Handwash (50mL) Direction: Apply small amount onto hand. Rub hands together until dry. No need to rinse after use. Recommended for repeated use. Product made in Malaysia and shipped out from Malaysia.

  • Energizer Max batteries bring long life to the devices you depend on and enjoy.
  • Ideal for electronic devices.
  • Energizer brand provides long-lasting power you can count on.
  • Repair or replace guarantee.

Material: 100% Medical grade silicone - Used as shock absorben to relieve lower heel, joint and back pain - Three quarter length provides cushioning for metatarsal, arch region and heel region - Fit better in shoe Usage: Remove film and place in heel part of your shoes. Hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry. Reactivate adhesion using a few drops of water


- Divided space for better storage of the new and used pinhead to prevent reuse or cross - Detachable pill box: It offers complete flexibility for storing space spare pens or other tools - Insulating foil design to keep suitable temperature for insulin pen, and to clean easily - Hanging hook provides additional convenience for traveling


Available in Powder Free with 9” length. Use for examination, medical treatments and handling the contaminated medical devices to prevent cross contamination between users and the patients. Provide an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to natural rubber latex. Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down Superior strength with better puncture resistance Full textured enhanced wet and dry grip Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity Custom design enhanced comfort and fit


GLUCO DR.AUTO A TEST STRIP -Gold plated test strip -FAD-GDH (Glucose Dehydrogenase) _Wide test range (20~600mg/dL or 1.1~33.3mmol/L) -Autocoding -5 seconds/0.5ul ** FOR USE WITH ONLY GLUCODR.AUTO A AND GLUCODR.AUTO METER (MODEL:AGM-4000) *Store at the dry and cool place. *Use all the test strips within 4 months after the first opening. *Do not use if expiration date is past.


*Flexible Tip for Comfortable Use *Jumbo LCD for Easy Reading *100% Waterproof *Ergonomic Design *High Accuracy in Full Measuring Range *Enlarged Measurinng Range *Power Economizing Design *Auto Shut-off in 9 Minutes *Measuring Range 32.0℃-43.9℃


*IMPORTANT*: 1.Select Poslaju for Liquids, Gels, Creams, Shower Gels, Lotions, Perfumes, Pills and Capsules to Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan. First results visible in one week on using one patch every 12 hours. The patches act on the thickened cracked skin. Smooths the skin through the ingredient PAPAIN, a natural by-product of Papaya juice, which starts up a natural skin regeneration process. The combination of natural hydration factors Urea, Vitamin B , Amino acids and Mineral nutrients, returns water to the area from the dermis’ deeper layers, thus producing an effective hydration and softening action which results in heel skin that is soft and elastic.


Neutrovis Premium Medical Face Mask ❤️Har Raya Edition♥️ ✅HIGH FASHION WITH EXTRA PROTECTION Introducing our Barrack Series (Rogue Green & Tartan Blue) with two different colors in each box. ✅ ≥98% BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency) The material has the ability to resist harmful bacteria penetration, keeping children from breathing in pollution and germs. ✅ ≥96% PFE (particle filtration efficiency) With the capacity to block out particles up to 0.1μm (micron), the mask can block the entry of viruses. ✅ CE Certified Our CE certified masks are approved and regulated by the European Economic Area for safety, health and Environmental protection standards. ✅ Ultra-gentle Earloops Our ultra-gentle earloops are designed for long lasting comfort to ease the pressure and discomfort on your ear even after a long day of wear. ✅ Comply with the implementation standard EN14683。Obtained international CE, domestic MDA certification



Tanpa pengawet,tanpa bahan pewarna,tanpa gula tambahan,tanpa aditif makanan.

Ramuan utama - oat,beras perang,padi,tepung beras,tepung jagung,kacang merah,kacang hitam,kacang soya.

Sesuai untuk vegetarian.

Fakta alergen:mengandungi kesan daripada oats,kekacang atau bijiran lain.

Simpan ditempat kering dan dingin.

Simpan dalam peti sejuk setelah dibuka dan harus dihabiskan dalam tempoh 30hari.