About Us.

Since 2013, we have expanded our footprint to companies across Malaysia. Our mission is making quality healthcare support accessible and available to the company and its personnel in a timely manner. We believe that quality healthcare support enables companies to reward and attract talents, meanwhile creating a critical and professional workforce, which in turn can contribute to company development and advancement. 


Why choose us?

We are customer-centered. We communicate and listen to the needs of our customers to provide personalized healthcare support for them. We get supply from reliable suppliers to ensure that medicine and medical-related products we provide are genuine and certified original. We partner with a reliable logistic company, to ensure delivery of medical supply is safely and timely. We cooperate with clinical laboratories to provide relable and timely lab results for individual health monitoring.


Our core values.

We uphold the value of professionalism, respect, excellence, compassion and integrity.


Our service 

  •  Source and supply medicine and medical-related product
  •  Yearly top up for first aid kits items

  •  Medication review 

  •  Counselling on mirror and chronic illness management via phone or video calls

  •  Health screening on diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity

  •  Annual health monitoring with blood test